We are a small family company and are NOT associated with, nor part of, any other grouping or franchise.

Our company has been operating for well over 40 years and, about 25 years ago, we decided to specialise only in the airconditioning of vehicles.

When we decided to specialise, we checked that the name 'Aircon Direct' was a name not being used by any other company. However, in the past few years we have noticed a number of similar or identical names have now appeared (one of which is a franchise).

We are not associated at all with any of those names or with any other company.

We are the original Aircon Direct.

I suppose that we should be flattered that our expertise has spawned so many "copy cats"!

Good outfit, go out of way to go there and will continue to do so

Tony Brown

In July 2010, the regulations for the AC technician's qualification changed drastically. In the UK and the rest of the EU, it is illegal for anyone to work on the AC system of a car, to remove or replace refrigerant of any car or small van without qualifications as specified in EU Regulation EC 842/2006.

This regulation applies throughout Europe. All three of our technicians have this DEFRA approved qualification of course. As our previous qualification was expiring we have all newly re-qualified this time with a City and Guilds examination which covers this regulation fully. This qualification is merely to comply with the EU and thus the British law.

To pass this examination does not require much more than the most basic knowledge of aircon plus some relatively simple details to memorise. Every day now we are required to push our knowledge and experience much further than the levels of this qualification to cure aircon problems.


As a small company, we are able to give a very conscientious and personal service in this specialised area.


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